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Personal Branding for Corporate Executives

Whether you are trying to get that CXO position or managerial role and eyeing the corner office, or simply looking to build your network, your personal brand is the medium that gets you there and puts eyeballs on you.

Did you know that over 85% of recruiters and    headhunters   review your online reputation and make assessments based on what they see. You are who Google says you are.

Personal Branding helps build visibility for corporate executives, managers and leaders. In a highly competitive setting, attracting the attention of key decision makers and recruiters is more important now than ever.  For those ready to secure a new C-Suite position or achieve a new Board role or get promoted, the time to act is now.

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Intensive & Holistic Strategy

Our corporate executive personal branding journey begins with an intensive Discovery session, (re)discovering your personal and unique brand. We start creating your Personal Brand Map by laying a clear set of audience-centric, data-informed foundations. We then devise your brand look and feel. What color, tone and logos best reflect your brand values, followed by SEO optimized content and social media strategy, visually style you and support you to activate your profile through webinars, PR and social media. 

Through data-driven storytelling we build and support your brand with an optimized LinkedIn and Twitter. If you just need a stunning, well-designed SEO friendly website, or merely a social media strategy, our team can easily take care of that for you.

An Ongoing Journey

Personal branding is not a one-time, execute and forget activity. Once the foundation of brand positioning, collaterals and messaging are nailed, that is where the real work begins. As an additional personal branding service, DigitalYou doesn't leave your side just after the project is complete. If you choose to avail this, our brand experts will touch base with you quarterly or biannually, as per your convenience and take note of the direction your personal brand is going in and course-correct, if necessary. The best part of all, it can be done virtually.

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The  DigitalYou Process

Brand Discovery

We start off with an initial brand discovery call to understand your brand values and principles and create a brand map. These would enable us to lay down the personal brand strategy foundations.

Brand Positioning

Once we have laid the foundation for your brand, we set out to craft the unique tone and brand DNA, which includes the key messaging you wish to get across to your audiences and your brand positioning.

Visual Identity

The third phase is an intensive session with our in-house design team to nail the brand aesthetics and create your brand identity that perfectly reflects who you are through the logo and other collaterals.

Social Media Optimization

The internet has completely changed how we connect and communicate and social media has become an integral part of our lives. We help you leverage social media platforms to position yourself as an expert in your field and get the right message across.

Photoshoot & Style Guide

To create a compelling visual narrative that amplifies your brand story, we offer you a fully-directed photoshoot. We will send the shoot plan and list of outfits & props to bring, so you are fully prepared. Our team will recommend poses and angles that look great.

Brand Website & Portal

We then bring together the best photos, visual design elements, content we've drafted and any articles or material you may already have available into a professional and state-of-the-art website that acts as your digital address and command centre.

Clients We've Worked With

Giuseppe Savino
Giuseppe Savino

Founder, Migration Protocol

Navtej Sarna
Navtej Sarna

Diplomat, Author & Columnist

Sujeev Shakya
Sujeev Shakya

Founder, Beed Management and Author

Nirupama Rao
Nirupama Rao

Former Foreign Secretary

Piyush Mathur
Piyush Mathur

Head of Workforce, Johnson & Johnson

You Are Next
You Are Next

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Want your colleagues and managers to also reap the benefits of Digital You?

When the executives and managers of an organization master the art of communication and build their personal brands, the organizational brand grows exponentially. It is a double win and an investment with a very high return on investment. We can design a group personal branding package that is tailored to suit your specific needs and organizational goals.

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Build  and  grow  trust  in  your personal brand with  DigitalYou, your trusted partner for  Personal  and  Executive Branding.