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No matter what career, business or industry you're in, the greatest asset you can always bank on is 'You'. So why not harness its potential?


Social Friendly has helped CEOs, Executives, Diplomats, Authors, Musicians and various public figures effectively their personal brand across all platforms.


We take your personal brand through the offline and online journey and map 'You' as a brand, in ways that reflect your values across all mediums.

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When I knew I was ready to embark on my next chapter, leaving the world of finance behind and starting my own business, Migration Protocol, I knew there was no-one else I would rather have on my team.

Working with Prassenjit and the Digital You team has been brilliant. Not only do you feel like you are in the hands of absolute professionals, you also feel like you are part of the family. Every step of the way, I have felt that Prassenjit and his team have been totally invested in my success. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Giuseppe Savino, Ex-Investment Banker and Founder of Migration Protocol

Business Man


Who you are, your brand and reputation are unique and invaluable. Trusting someone enough to hand it over to them is a significant decision. And we completely understand that.

We are a full-service Personal Branding agency with years of experience in digital, media and PR. We've worked with some of the most influential people across the world, so you know you have a trusted partner in us.

We begin by discovering your core values and principles that motivate you and then craft a compelling story. This ensures your personal brand remains completely authentic.

Get Ready to Lead

The way we look at personal branding is very unique. Our focus is not just on authenticity. We pride ourselves in creating stories and content that is future-centric and visually stunning, backed by data and research.

This means your messaging is not just going to be talking about trends. You will be in a position to talk about things that are going to go on and become trends. This future-centric approach keeps you ahead of the competition and enables you to lead. This is what gets your audience hooked, willing to listen and opens doors, on matter what industry, line of work or business you are into.

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A Complete Package

DigitalYou is one of the best full-service personal branding firms, helping clients unlock their personal brand potential and achieve their goals. We offer holistic and integrated set of services which include brand discovery, brand positioning, media training, communications training, media strategy, social media strategy and consulting, content, visual identity, brand collaterals, website design, SEO, styling, video production and so much more.

Needless to say, you have an entire arsenal at your disposal. Our delivery framework for personal branding projects is based on what we've found works. However, our processes and deliverables can be tailored to your specific needs, timeframe, convenience and location.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Digital You team. They are very professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, communicative. They are with you every step of the way and thoughtful in their approach. I can't say enough about their knowledge

Piyush Mathur - Global Head, Enterprise Functions, Talent Management, Johnson & Johnson

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